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Friendly Visitors Program
Please call 954.714.6922 for information on this program

Funded by the Caesars Foundation, This opportunity aims to build on Meals on Wheels programs’ efforts to reduce social isolation and loneliness among vulnerable seniors through Friendly Visitor models. Social isolation is a growing, and costly, concern among older adults. Social isolation among older adults is associated with an extra $6.7 billion in Medicare spending each year.


With access to the home on a daily basis, Meals on Wheels programs are better able to identify isolated and home-bound clients where other services may not be able to reach this population to the same degree. The purpose of the Friendly Visitor Program is to support Meals on Wheels programs in offering socially isolated clients an additional opportunity for socialization beyond meal delivery. This can include visiting with the client, reading, playing games, senior-friendly puzzles and simply spending time together.

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