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"Together, We Can Deliver!"

Client Stories

Since 1984, Meals on Wheels South Florida and its dedicated staff and volunteers have been delivering nutritious meals, friendly visits, and safety checks to South Florida's senior community. Below we are proud to share a few stories which highlight the true meaning of how we deliver, "more than a meal."


Client Thomas M., Coconut Creek Resident

This particular client lived alone with no local family. Thomas had been receiving home-delivered meals from Meals on Wheels South Florida since 2022, and this client was lucky enough to have friendly neighbors that assisted him and regularly looked out for his well-being.

In 2023, the client had been having difficulty hearing, and did not receive his last few deliveries due to not hearing the doorbell or telephone. The volunteer immediately reported the problem to a supervisor at MOWSOFLO in an effort to rectify the situation.


The supervisor then reached out to his emergency contact in North Carolina. It was discovered that the client suffers from extreme hearing loss and his hearing aid had become inoperable, leaving him unable to hear the phone or doorbell. His family immediately worked on resolving the hearing aid issue, and the MOWSOFLO team worked on making the deliveries easier for the client.

It was important to resolve this issue because the client was living on a fixed income and relied heavily on his meal service. This MOWSOFLO  employee decided to send meals to the client every other week to eliminate the weekly delivery, as well as continue to check on his well-being. The property management office, his family, and his neighbors were all informed of this delivery change to allow all parties to be on the same page. Working together as a team ensured the best results for this senior, and Thomas felt confident that he could rely upon Meals on Wheels South Florida to ensure that both his health and safety were our top priority.


Story provided by Meals on Wheels SFL Team Member, Vickie G.


Client Patricia L.,
Pembroke Pines Resident

Patricia has been a client of Meals on Wheels South Florida since 2023, and has a wonderful friendship with her weekly volunteer, Mark. Patricia was recently offered a Claris Companion Tablet, which is provided to clients through a partnership with Meals on Wheels America.

Since receiving the tablet, Patricia has enjoyed utilizing the tablet's many innovative features, and the tablet assists her with staying connected to family, friends, caregivers, and more. Learn more about the Claris Companion Tablet Program here.


Client Mary Ann M.,
Pompano Resident

"Mary Ann lives in a two-story building with no elevator. The steps were 9 steps per floor, so to get to her you had to travel eighteen steps, and they were very wide concrete steps outside. How these elderly people carry their food up these steps is beyond me because I was out of breath when I reached the top.


I got all the boxes to the top and knocked on her door. This sweet woman was so thin and so grateful  that we gave her food, she cried and said thank you and that she could handle the boxes by herself." 

-Story provided by Meals on Wheels SFL Team Member, Laurie B.

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